H2OPro specialises in the:-
*Design and manufacture of high quality trolling lures
*Precision assembly of rigs
*Precision assembly of wind-on-leaders
Using the best materials available locally and Internationally
Due to our location in the Pearl River Delta, the hub of China’s vast manufacturing industry, we are able to utilize the best of what the region has to offer combined with high quality management and design to provide an exceptional affordability:quality ratio.
Meanwhile, our logistics center in Hong Kong ensures that goods are shipped and distributed worldwide with utmost speed and reliability.
Our partners  World Wide bring decades of experience in sport angling to supply know-how and savvy in the design and selection of all our listed products. This insight combined with 25 years of experience in the production of precision products in China provides an unbeatable package of affordability, high quality and reliability.
Further services we are able to provide include:-
    – Sourcing and trading of products for the sport/recreational angling market
    – High volume OEM production of lures/rigs
    – Realisation and management/ production of your lure designs using affordable local precision tooling
     – Customisation : should you have special colour or rigging requirements or would like your company logo on your lures;
we will do our best to accommodate you.

Get in touch to discuss how we can service your production requirements.

Patrick Sprung
CEO / Founder

From South Africa by way of Germany, originally from the electronics industry, lived in Asia (Hong Kong and China) for many years before founding H2opro Lures and Tackle. Experienced angler and outdoorsman with a keen eye for detail in manufacturing high quality lures.

Kim Stuart

Originally from Kenya with over 40 years experience in Big Game fishing.  Runs a 46ft Bertram Sportfisher out of Hong Kong, Tailchasers Ltd

Karen Chen
Office Management

Karen, our office and administration manager joined H2Opro at the very start and is well versed in our entire product range and all facets of manufacturing.


Carrie Lee
Customer Support

Joined H2Opro October of 2017, a quick learner and capable of dealing with any questions you may have. Responsible for sourcing and purchasing.